Panning and Seating

I have found some great resources that help shed light on proper orchestral arrangement. When arranging orchestras, it is very important to keep in mind the stereo field you are trying to set. According to Mattias Westlund, “our brains rely on direction and distance to pinpoint a sound source, and if a recording lacks this information it doesn’t sound natural to us.” (Westlund, 2015) When an audience is listening, they want to be able to perceive the depth as well as width of the sounds being heard. These dimensions are critical in creating a big, enjoyable piece. In order to do this for the strings in Skyfall, it is crucial to implement reverberation to provide a sense of depth. I then panned the Double bass to the left while panning the cello, violin and viola to the right. This allowed the double bass room to be heard and eliminated some of the muddiness between the lows of the cello. After the first 8 bars, I added a cello spiccato  down and a double bass staccato in hopes of building up the song. Here is my newest exercise:


Westlund, M. (2015). Orchestral Positioning: Panning |. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 May 2015].

Panning and Seating

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